Urine Control


Now Available DOA (drugs of abuse) Liquid  Controls

Positive and negative controls made to meet Australian and New Zealand Standards  AS/NZS4308, the Rapid Test ® Urine Screen Controls are manufactured by an Australian accredited  4308 laboratory under contract for Rapid Test  ®

Whilst there are a number of controls starting to become available to the Australian market place the reliability of such overseas products through the Rapid Test Confirmation systems and stringent Laboratory testing  haven’t made the grade .

Through a co-operative agreement with our accredited Laboratory  for them to produce quality controls to meet the new  Australian Standards  As4308/08 , this allows for constant testing of the product to ensure that only the best product is introduced to the market through the Rapid Test ® network .


  • Vials are stable for up to 31 days once opened
  • No Freezing Required  (REFRIDGEATE ONLY)
  • Ready to use in 10mL (Larger volume is available ie 20ml, 50ml, 100 ml, 250ml, 500ml ,1tr  )
  • No reconstituting or pipetting
  • Ideal for Testing Service Providers, Pathology Laboratories, Onsite Testing &  anyone wanting to comply with AS/NZS4308.

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